Ancient Sabian Archetypes Unveiled

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Astrology has its ancient roots directly tapped into the archetypes of wholism. There is a universal wisdom that reveals a profound connection to archetypes, numerology, and geometry. At Seattle Astrology University we are presenting these ancient principles in an easy to understand format.

From centuries past, astrology theory has been built on the pure principles that have become the backbone to astrology disciplines. It’s these astrological principles that have formed the basis of modern astrological thinking, including a new understanding of how the Sabian archetypes are structured.

The underlying structure of the Sabian reveal layers of distinct patterns that have revived a new interest in the pure principles on which astrology is founded. Each of our online astrology courses expand on this new understanding using this new astrological perspective and educational model.


Modern astrology is regaining its ancient connections. Today's astrology student has an opportunity to learn the universal laws that have become the pure principles that are the backbone of astrology. We have an excellent curriculum that takes the student through the new fundamentals of astrology, chart patterns and aspects, and how to read charts.


Every degree of the zodiac has a unique archetype that reveals a deeper layer of astrological knowledge. The wholeness contained within the 360° of the Sabian has an ancient geometric structure that has been hidden until recent times. You 'll discover these hidden Sabian layers and how to apply this new knowledge in our courses.


No more keyword memorization, or boring lectures to sit through. By learning the building blocks of astrology you'll develop a deeper understanding of how the pure principles of astrology work. This new approach benefits the beginner and professional alike. We offer continuing education credits and course certificates of completion.

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Pure Principle Astrology

Pure Principle Astrology is the study of the principles that astrology is built on. Astrology education is accelerating at a rapid rate now that these foundational principles have been made available to the modern student. Each course offered by the Seattle Astrology University is taught utilizing the Pure Principles of astrology.

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