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Our curriculum set up for both the beginner and the professional. Steven Shroyer, a long-time professional astrology has set the curriculum.


Pure Principle Astrology

Pure Principle Astrology is new astrology educational system. It’s based in Universals principles that were used to form our solar system.


Ancient Wisdom Rediscovered

Pure Principle Astrology isn’t new, it was rediscover and is now being taught through the Seattle Astrology Eduation System.


Cutting-Edge Basics

The basics include numerology, geometry, archetypes and the zodiac made easy. Once the basic principles are organizated, learning is easy.


Online Learning Modules

Approach learning astrology at you own pace, from beginner levels up the professional level. There’s something for everyone.


Intermediate Astrology & Geometrics

At the intermediate level, the student learns how archtypes are organized into geometrics. This gives instant access to the geometry of planetary aspects.


Professional Astrologers Workshop

Experts can refine their astrology mastery from a variety of professional level workshops, including the Cross of Dharma and the Neptunian Kite pattern.


Astrology and the Chakras

Charkras and astrology are a pracitical ways to start integreting spirituality into your daily lifestyle. Learn how astrology is embedded into each of your chakras.


Teaching Pure Principle Astrology

Every course in the Seattle Astrology University incorporates both Universal principles and the Pure Principle Astrology approach to learning. This allows the student to begin thinking like an astrologer.

We’re not about teaching you what to think,
we’ll teach you HOW to think.

Seattle Astrology Educational System is a completely new method for learning astrology. In the past, learning astrology has been centered around memorizing keyword with an introduction based on the medieval and archaic concepts of good signs, bad signs, and who’s compatible with who. This isn’t the case at Seattle Astrology University.

Pure Principle Astrology has been a cornerstone of a new education system used at Seattle Astrology for years. The Seattle Astrology University offers online astrology courses at a level never before seen.

Courses are open to the public in the fall of 2021.


I attending the first Astrology 101 class offered by Seattle Astrology in 2019. I was blown away. I can hardly wait for more courses.

J. Smith

I learned so much in a short period of time. It was a wonderful experience. Some of the basic concepts of astrology not only make better sense, but I can’t believe I didn’t know them.

Jenny T

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